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Top Stories Jan 22

SVE.io Top Stories Jan 22. Predictive health: Next generation medical devices powered by Artificial...

Fireside Chat with DNAtix Galit Lidsky, by Maria Malavenda EVVEMI

DNAtix is an innovative company led by a visionary team in the genetic space, integrating two cutting-edge technologies – Digitized DNA sequencing...

Predictive health: Next generation medical devices powered by Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence has made its way into the highly regulated healthcare space. As tech giants search for new resources for proprietary data,...

The Electronics Industry Sees Money In Your Health

LAS VEGAS -- If the scores of personal health care devices at the Consumer Electronics Show last week are any indication, it's clear that...

#SVEDemo Startup and Speaker details for Jan 23 @ Google

https://www.meetup.com/sventrepreneurs/events/rrlgnqyzcbmc/ Startups (Detail & Links below): Previse AI, Artificial intelligence...

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