WIP (Wireless Industry Partnership) is hosting a large hackathon at June 24 & 25, and had invited SVEntpreneurs to partner with.  SVAndroid will set up a expert panel during the event.
Here is message from CEO of WIP regarding the “Muther”


Hi Everyone,

I want to first thank you for being part of the WIP community and supporting our activities over the last 5 years.  Our intent is always to find ways we can support the mobile developer community do what you do better and we think it means making sure you are connected to the right information, resources and people.  With that in mind, we knew there was a need to host a new kind of developer event that provided the time and space to create, to learn, to meet and to have the right support, right there.  And to have some fun too in WIP style!

So please join us for our first Muther! of all Hackathons + Dev Con – it’s a bit of Hackathon meets WIPJam meets WIP party.  You know it’s got to be good!

muther hack buttonIt’s taking place:

Friday, June 24th and Saturday, June 25th

At the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, California

Here’s what you can expect:

  • Create a NEW app or an ENHANCED* app and win prizes
  • Win devices, cash, trips, and of course t-shirts.
  • Spend 6 hours coding or 24** hours coding with our staggered submissions
  • Bring your own team or create one on site.
  • Attend a Masterclass to get a deep dive on tools, platforms, APIs
  • Attend a preMuther Webinar to get prepared and find the golden eggs for more prizes
  • Attend Mobile 101 Beginner for info on building a Good App
  • Attend Mobile 101 Advanced and find out how to build a Great App
  • Learn how to make the best pitch for your app
  • Visit the expert tables to get hands on technical advice including a Porting and Testing station, App Store station and Android support station.
  • Or don’t code at all, just come for Friday evening and enjoy the first round of pitches, BBQ, reception (there will be beer), and a fun, informative UnPanel and see the Saturday pitches and winners!

All of our sponsors have great information and prizes for you:

  • Try appMobi‘s XDK, the best-of-breed HTML5 development/debug/build tool
  • Work with AT&T to create the best App for Good
  • Meet the folks from Telefonica’s BlueVia dev program and use their very cool APIs
  • Develop a new conference app for CTIA
  • Find out how deCarta makes it easy to build a location enabled app
  • Be amazed at FITML’s platform to pull in content without external APIs
  • Win a prize with HP WebOS for the best cross platform implementation
  • Get your app QuakingQuivering or Trembling with Immersion’s haptic technology
  • Add a NAVTEQ map to your app and win a trip and get a jump start**** the day before
  • Use Nuance’s Dragon Mobile SDK to speech-enable your app within minutes
  • Sencha Touch will help you create an amazing cross-platform, rich internet app
  • Check in with Verizon for all of their network APIs
  • Use ViaFo to engage all the best social media

Register here.  It’s only $42*** or find a WIP sponsor or Partner for a free pass code.

We aim to build 100 new or enhanced apps.  Join us for all of it or some of it – if you are up for it! We are really excited about this one and look forward to seeing YOU there!

Best, Caroline


@carolineWIP  #muthermobile  #wipjam

PS Apologies in advanced as you will receive a few more emails from us than usual over the next 4 weeks.

* Enhanced App:  already public app that uses one or more Sponsor’s offering to change or upgrade

** 24 hour coding:  only for the brave, plenty of coffee and red bull available

***  42: it’s  the meaning of life!

***  NAVTEQ Developer Day, Silicon Valley is the day before on  June 23, apps started there are eligible to win at the Muther!