1. 1.  Hammad Mazhar Saleem, Founder and CEO from Faalsa Labs


“We let users organize & enjoy Online Shopping Trips anytime, anywhere with anyone!”


Stanford trained engineer (EE/CS ’02), with technical and leadership experience at startups as well as industry leading large corporation. Before starting work on WannaGet, I was working at Apple as a lead engineer for SyncServices and iCloud in the OSX group. Earlier, I was the first engineering hire at Sharpcast (now SugarSync), where I helped build the first push synchronization platform for arbitrary consumer data. The products built on that platform launched to rave reviews by Walt Mossberg and other leading technology reviewers.


Product Name: WannaGet

WannaGet is designed to blend the best of offline and online shopping in a delightful experience.

It all starts with the observation that In the offline world its very rare to see a person going to the shopping mall alone, in contrast online shopping today can be a very lonely experience.

People try to break this pattern with various hacks such as emailing links back and forth or sharing links over various semi-public platforms. But these methods are inefficient and problematic.

WannaGet starts with the observation that people love going to the Mall as groups of friends or family, but extends that to incorporate online shopping as well  by introducing the concept of an Online Shopping Trip. A user creates a Trip with a certain goal and invites some friends and family to join it. Beyond that WannaGet provides a delightful interface to conduct and enjoy these virtual trips and accomplish real shopping.

Whats great is the realization that the Online Shopping Trips are big leap forward in the shopping experience even if users intend to keep the trip completely private.

We envision a world where all shopping is done this way! And we intend to lead the way in making this transition happen.



  1. 2.  Chandra dekeyser, CEO & co Founder from http://www.mach-3D.com

 “MoodMe: emoticons with your own face!”





co-Founder of MoodMe, 3D avatars with live emotions.

Palo Alto based & inspired by Silicon Valley people.

Multicultural Citizen of Spaceship Earth. Speaks 7 languages.

Geek turned CEO. US, Italian, Brazil startups & intl sales with Northrop &TRW.


Product Name: MoodMe

MoodMe is about to revolutionize emotional communications!

Our 3D avatars with emotions are the most realistic.

Think Emoticons using real faces!

They live in the Cloud, web, desktops, smartphones. They are social.

MoodMe brings WOWing experiences for the fans of brands, sports clubs, celebrities and their fans.



  1. 3.  Dick Wolf, Founder and CEO from mutu, Inc



“We are doing for video what Pandora did for music”




Background includes a BS in Electrical Engineering from ISU, IT development in SAP, C-Level enterprise sales to Fortune 500 companies, and label ownership during years spent in the music industry.


Product Name: mutu


mutu curates, classifies, and analyzes user preferences and playback data to vastly improve the delivery of online videos. We are bridging the gap between content creators and users by streaming videos utilizing the Youtube API and adding intelligence to the delivery system. Our Social Discovery Algorithm will achieve preferred content discovery 50-100x faster than traditional searching. The current iteration is being called an Interactive MTV.


I’m looking for a CTO, have investors lined up, and finalizing an amazing advisory board.  With right CTO, we have funding.





  1. 4.  Jeh Daruvala, Founder/CEO from Yactraq Online Inc.



Jeh has 22 years of entrepreneurial, investment banking, product management and business/systems analysis experience in information technology at startups, Microsoft, T-Mobile, TELUS, Avendus Advisors, Gateway Capital & Aditi Technologies. His specialties include corporate strategy, marketing strategy, competitive analysis, product management, business development, systems analysis & business analysis.

Before migrating to North America in 2002, Jeh played a key role in incubating Customer Asset, an India based IT infrastructure services venture that evolved into the $100 million, Firstsource Solutions (Bombay Stock Exchange – BOM:532809). Jeh sourced the acquisition of Customer Leverage, the software solution on which Firstsource offers its customer management services, and the team that developed it, into Customer Asset. Prior to that while working on Delsys, his first startup, Jeh sold the first-ever ethernet switch in India (Kalpana-Cisco).

Jeh has a Masters in Management Studies (Finance) & a Bachelors in Engineering (Electronics) from Bombay University. He is also a lifelong manned spaceflight enthusiast and believer in technology innovation as the key driver of corporate and economic growth.


Product Name: Speech2Topics and Speech2Ads

The problem we solve: Currently, there is no cost effective way for machines to understand video and audio content.  As a result, despite explosive growth, video internet suffers from poor monetization and user experience.

The Yactraq solution: Quick, inexpensive and near universal meta-tagging of video/audio content allows application developers to quickly and easily manipulate such content. This capability enables new ways of monetizing video and revolutionizing the video/audio user experience.


  1. 5.  Allen Jiang, Chief Operation Officer from LetsLunch



“LetsLunch is LinkedIn in real life.”





Allen has experience working with early stage startups focused on commercializing emerging technology. His background includes work in social discovery and robotics. Allen is also an officer of Stanford BASES that runs a 150k startup competition. Prior to entrepreneurship, Allen worked as an investment banker advising technology companies through mergers, acquisitions, and capital raising.


Product Name: LetsLunch

LetsLunch is an international startup and is the easiest way to expand your network. Simply tell us three things 1) who you want to meet, 2) when you can eat, and 3) how far you can move your feet. With our algorithm, you’ll be matched up with like-minded professionals instantly. What happens at lunch is completely up to you. LetsLunch is live in the US, the UK, the Netherlands, New Zealand, and Italy! Find us here: www.LetsLunch.com


  1. 6.  Sean Shakirov, CEO from RideAuction



“Priceline for Limo”





BA in International Business, BS in Management of Inormation Systems

12 years of experience consulting for Fortune 500 in Software Development field.

Series Enterpreneuer. Founder: RideAuction, My Shofer Dot Com. Co Founder of SQA Solution.


Product Name: RideAuction

Unique platform created to utilize transportation providers excess capacity and to allow consumers to negotiate the best price for limo and taxi services in real-time.

Website is: Live www.rideauction.com

Iphone App has been released to App Store (RideAuction)

Full mobile version of the site is developed and Live

50+ Vendors Signed Up in the pilot market (SF & Bay Area)


  1. 7.  Al-Hassan Hleileh, Founder & CEO from Nudge Technology

“Making the Most out Of Life’s Spare Moments.”


Stanford MBA, and founder of Nudge Technology, which graduated from Steve Blank’s Lean Startup course at Stanford, and was featured by him at SXSW http://www.slideshare.net/sblank/the-startup-owners-manual-sxsw-11954724.


“I also was a co-founder at Yamsafer.me, which is a VC backed regional hotel booking portal.”


Product Name: Nudge

Nudge Technology Inc is developing a unique technology platform, with a data science, machine learning and artificial intelligence components, that mines data and delivers users unique recommendations that enrich their lives.


Early beta version can be found on: http://blooming-water-9486.herokuapp.com/


Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/NudgeMobileApp

Twitter: https://twitter.com/NudgeMobileApp

Angel list: https://angel.co/nudge-technology

Gust: https://gust.com/c/nudge_technology_#company_profile_page

Linkedin: http://www.linkedin.com/company/nudge-inc


  1. 8.  Serge Sirisena, CEO from DrinkCode

“We let users send real alcoholic drinks to their Facebook friends.”


I have always had a great passion for international business and creating unique products and businesses. I have a background in business development consulting. After college, I started “Vero Business Development,” a consulting company targeted at international tech companies. I have provided services to numerous startups and Fortune 500’s within the data storage industry.  Many of the projects that were handled dealt with strategic product and project planning, sales and marketing program planning, identifying unique revenue opportunities through extensive market research, and creating and executing OEM customer penetration programs.


Product Name: DrinkCode

DrinkCode is a mobile application that lets you send drinks that are redeemable at local bars to your Facebook friends. The payment of a gifted drink is quickly, easily and securely verified through the receiver’s smartphone. While we allow our users to send a unique and social gift, we drive customers to local bars and provide these bars with additional social media exposure.


  1. 9.  Nathan Chandra, Co-Founder from WeLink

“WeLink – Social Platform as a Service for mobile”


I am a strategic leader with value based practices that guide my personal and business decisions. Always on my way; I enjoy the process more than the result. My drive to connect and build community guides the vision of WeLink. Our ‘social platform as a service’ is designed to facilitate the speedy development of social communities for mobile apps. WeLink allows any app to have awesome social discovery tools which drives user engagement and networking.


Product Name: WeLink – Social Communities SDK

WeLink is a B2B company that provides a ‘Social Platform as a Service’ for mobile.  Enterprises and mobile app developers can now easily create a mobile solution that builds social communities and facilitate social discovery.  “With 10 lines of code and 15 minutes of development WeLink can turn any boring app into a socially connected location aware beast!”  WeLink’s suite of plug and play SDKs provide cross-platform native and HTML5 social components that instantly creates an awesome private social network for mobile apps.


We provide gorgeous looking design and pour insane amounts of effort obsessing over providing a great user experience.  Developers not only get great design for a dime but also powerful features that push social trends. WeLink makes developing absolutely awesome social apps for mobile as easy as “falling off a log”.  WeLink provides a social network for mobile apps aimed at Events, Employee Directories, Corporate Communities, Conferences, Festivals, Concerts, Sports teams, Games, Schools, Universities, Hotels, Airlines and many more!


  1. 10.       Faheem Kajee, Co-founder and CEO from Pashash

“Pashash is the app that lets you share real-world shopping.”


Faheem is the co-founder and CEO of Pashash.


Previously a global equity analyst covering tech and media companies, specialising in small-caps and emerging markets. He then joined the VC, World of Avatar, as their Chief Analyst to focus on innovative, mobile startups in Africa.


Product Name: Pashash

Pashash (www.pashash.com) is the app that lets you share real-world shopping. When you see a great buy: snap a picture >> tag the store and price >> share it. You can discover the best buys based on popularity, location and your preferences.

Pashash is an alum of the Google Umbono accelerator http://www.google.co.za/intl/en/umbono/index.html in South Africa.

They also won the local leg of TNW Startup World http://thenextweb.com/africa/2012/09/08/pashash-wins-startup-world-cape-town/