Winner’s Introduction:

Bibs: bibs is a platform for modernizing running events.

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Bibs ties together online registration, rfid chip timing and result sharing into a single platform.

For athletes and spectators, bibs is a mobile app to sign up for events, receive times and results and share with their friends. For event organizers, bibs is a powerful tool that connects event registration, timing and management into a single platform and allows them to connect with partners and sponsors.

Bibs has:
– The top race results app in the United States
– The world’s first universal RFID platform for sports timing
– The official app of multiple top 100 events in the US

Bibs raised an angel investment from two industry leaders and is currently looking to grow more.

Galen Danziger, CTO at Bibs.


Galen has an educational background in Computational Physics and experience in numerical computing/algorithm design. He worked at multiple gambling software companies and a wearable company building a fitness tracker, then moved to help founding bibs.

Job Openings at Bibs:

We are hiring a frontend developer, with these qualifications:
– Very comfortable with javascript, (angularJS framework in particular)
– Responsive design for mobile/desktop applications
– Backbone/mobile experience also desirable
– Interested in running/athletic events

Runner up’s Introduction:

Staytuned:  Staytuned is a context aware user interface that provides users with the right apps at the right moment, directly on their lock screen.

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Staytuned collects devices’ hardware (sensors) and software (usage of mobile apps) data to learn from the users and predict their future
behavior. It provides users with a direct access to their most used
applications for every context and with the most suitable applications already available in their devices. Additionally, it works as a platform for app developers increase their loyal users from their already existing user base.

Founder and CEO: Alejandro Garcia Del Bosque


Business techy with an entrepreneurial spirit and strong international background. Founder and CEO of Staytuned, a young startup in the mobile industry based in Palo Alto. Previous experience in cross-border M&A/Fundraising operations in the TMT industry and business development at a startup accelerator in Silicon Valley. Networks in the US/Germany/Mexico.



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