Join us on Oct 9th Thursday @Pivotal Labs in San Francisco.

Judge of Panel

• Patrick Mork, EIR at Signia, X-Googler, Disruptor, C-level Start-Up Builder

• Ann Burkett, Venture Partner at F50

• Dean Takahashi, lead writer for GamesBeat

Pitching Startups

• ZRDS Games: Mobile phone entertainment for Kids

• Figure Of Speech: Cards Against Humanity Reinvented for Mobile

• Asylum Labs: Innovative Mobile Social Casino games

• Resonant Games LLC: Video chat with educational games and activities

• Senetur: Platform to allow game teams and studios to find talent, prototype faster, decrease time to market, and connect publishing opportunities outside of conferences

• Hero Systems & Mechanics: Developing a mobile game that connects to a physical toy swords. A mobile apps powers two opposing toy swords. During a toy sword fight NFC and bluetooth signals are sent between them and their mobile apps and a winner is determined

•  Sending.iO: We focus on using Email to help game developers acquire, retain, and monetize their users.

  • Patrick Mork, EIR at Signia, X-Googler, Disruptor, C-level Start-Up Builder

Multi-cultural, multi-lingual start-up senior executive. Worked in US / Europe / LATAM and speak 4 languages fluently.

Former global head of marketing for Google play; worked in 5 start-ups including one as CEO / co-founder and two more as board advisor. 14 Years experience in mobile content / mobile games / app retail and distribution.

Currently EIR at Signia seeking CEO / No2 role in a high growth start-up in mobile content, education, health or consumer services where strategy, marketing, and entrepreneurial drive (mixed with a bit of “madness”) can help make a significant impact for a company with big ambitions.

  • Ann Burkett, Venture Partner at F50

Ann Burkett is a Venture Partner with with F50 Venture focusing on and recommending game companies for investment in the 500k and 2Million range. She has run Game Dojos which was the original incubator for Plain Vanilla Games “Quizup” which has over 200million active users and recently raised $20Million from Sequoia Capital, with participation from all existing investors, including Tencent, Greycroft Partners, IDG Ventures, BOLDstart Ventures, CrunchFund. Game Dojos also had in its class Focused Apps LLC a small independent whose Hit Tennis games have been downloaded over 30million times. A developer by training her team also worked on games which have had up to 10million active users. She loves unique and independent games and teams that can be crafted to also be successful and has been known to show up to Gamesbeat in bad teeshirts.

She currently also founded and runs the HTML5 Developers Conference which is the currently the largest JavaScript/HTML5/CSS/node.js technology focused conference in the world. She also founded and runs IOTAconf Internet of Things Conference. HTML5Devconf, IOTACconf and will be held at Moscone Center SF in San Francisco on Oct 20, 21 with training the following week.

  • Dean Takahashi, lead writer for GamesBeat

“I’ve been a business journalist since 1988. most of that time i’ve focused on technology journalism. In 2002, I published a book on the making of the Xbox, “Opening the Xbox: Inside Microsoft’s Plan To Unleash an Entertainment Revolution.” My second book, “The Xbox 360 Uncloaked: The Real Story Behind Microsoft’s Next-Generation Video Game Console,” launched in 2006. The information is at Now I’m a lead writer on the digital media blog at”
Specialties:video games, computer hardware, chips, digital media