Raj Singh is a long-time mobile entrepreneur, writer, advisor and investor. Presently, Raj is Co-Founder and CEO of Lentil AI working on meeting productivity. Previously, Raj Co-Founded Tempo AI (acquired by Salesforce), Co-Founded AllTheCooks (acquired by Cookpad), served as VP of Business Development for Skyfire (acquired by Opera), Co-founded Veeker, NBC’s mobile video citizen journalism service and ToneThis, CNET’s top downloaded ringtone creation product.

Raj has also worked in product management, engineering, strategy and consulting roles for numerous companies including Kodak Mobile, Dell Mobile, AOL, Blackberry, MobiTV, Tellme, Samsung, Turk Telekom, IGT and others. Raj is also an investor via ENIAC Ventures which has made over 80 seed-stage mobile investments.

Anu Nigam

Ever since Anu’s first startup, he has enjoyed working with small driven teams with cutting edge technologies who develop them into successful businesses. His first two startups revolutionized fiber-optic telecommunications resulting in two acquisitions both in the Top 10 Largest VC-Backed M&A Deals of All Time.* After the .com crash, Anu shifted sights to consumer internet and started one of the world’s first social networks, hi5.com, which grew to 60M MAU. When the first smartphone came out, he started an app company that organically attracted 15M installs.

Beyond his life in operations, Anu has contributed positively to the startup ecosystem in a variety of ways. He have personally invested in over 50 startups and has served as an advisor to a litany of others. After multiple interactions with A-list entrepreneurs, Anu realized that the biggest need for an entrepreneur isn’t capital; it’s solid advice. That need and his passion for startups has led me to join ETW Advisors, a firm that provides trusted counsel to startup founders as they grow their business from concept to product to scale.

Anu believes the journey of most startups is dynamic and can be filled with many unknowns. The advisors at ETW have been there before and can help make that journey a little bit easier. It doesn’t have to be quite as lonely with our stellar team by your side.

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