Sam Santhosh, Founder & Chairman of MedGenome Inc

MedGenome’s state-of-the-art NGS platforms generate high quality sequencing data from gene panels, exomes, whole genomes and transcriptomes. The nimble and powerful NGS-LIMS system provides an integrated tracking, analysis and data reporting environment ensuring accuracy, consistency and efficient turnaround time and makes the process highly cost effective. NGS data is analyzed using powerful proprietary data analysis software (VariMat) and variants are interpreted to establish clinical significance using a database of annotated variants curated from published literature (OncoMD). OncoMD is an interactive user interface that bridges the gap between clinical discovery and medical intervention by linking disease-specific variants to approved drugs and open clinical trials.

MedGenome raised $24M lead by Sequoia.

Sam Santhosh is the Founder & Chairman of MedGenome Inc. Sam is also the Promoter & CEO of SciGenom Inc. – a genomics R & D organization that conducts research work aimed at understanding the role of DNA sequence variation in all living things.

Sam was the CEO and Managing Director of California Software Limited (Calsoft) from 1992 –Feb 2012. He founded Calsoft in 1992 and under Sam’s vision Calsoft rapidly grew from a niche player in the Silicon Valley to a global player with over 1200 employees and presence in 8 countries. Sam took Calsoft Public and listed the company in the Indian Stock Exchanges. Sam oversaw the growth of Calsoft in all key areas – Finance, Strategy, Customer acquisition and inorganic growth through eight acquisitions including companies in U.S, UK, Japan and India.

Sam is passionate about science and technology and believes that harnessing the power of science is critical to innovation and wealth creation. Just as technology was the key driver of business in the 20th century, he believes that science will directly drive economic development as well as social and environmental well-being in the 21st century. It is this strong belief that has led him to make the move from Software Services where he spent the first 20 years of his career to a future that blends Science and Technology with Business.

Moderator: Kenzi Wang, Angel Investor, Founder & CEO of Traction (YC 2014 startup)

Kenzi is a serial entrepreneur and tech investor with deep experience in enterprise and marketplace. He’s the founder and CEO of Traction, an top tier VC (NEA) backed marketing platform with many Fortune 100 clients including Sony, Salesforce, Yahoo, HPE and many others. His investment interest is in the consumer, marketplace and AI space. He also advise many companies on product market fit, growth, and fundraising strategy and is an avid speaker on these topics internationally. Kenzi attended Columbia University and Wharton business school.

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