F50 is proud to announce a Strategic Partnership with Silicon Valley Blockchain Developer Hackathon by offering marketing & event support as well as prizes to the winner. The Hackathon, happening June 22nd to June 24th, is a large developer & startup community effort organized by Silicon Valley Developer Network together with several other communities including Silicon Valley Entrepreneurs & Startups, SVE.io, and Silicon Valley Android Developers.

The Hackathon expects to bring over 200 attendees including developers, founders, and business analyst. The organizer team has received initial interest of $2M crypto investment into the winner from sponsors/partners.

F50 will invite the winner of the Hackathon to present at F50’s Synergy Blockchain Summit in front of hundreds of investors. The F50 team will also work closely with the organizer team to bring a higher quality of content and partnership to this community event.

F50’s Synergy Blockchain Summit will feature over 50 global leaders from the top law firms, CPA’s, and VC’s in the investment ecosystem, along with extraordinary Blockchain companies. Join 400+ attendees from the venture capital and global investment community, including select VC executives, influential long-term investors, corporate ventures and corporate, executives, asset management companies, and a group of high potential local, CEOs.

More upcoming community events:

Blockchain Demo Night June 7 (SV)

SF Blockchain Demo June 19

Blockchain Demo Night July 12

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