Founder World conferencethe largest community conference hosted by Silicon Valley Entrepreneurs, F50 and couple other communities, announced that New York based Equiti Games supported by StarFish won the Founder World Championship. SEAL from China and Yesbit from Canada won the second and third place. 

Over 2000 developers, founders, and investors attended the two days conference on September 7 and 8, held in Draper University, and Palace of Fine Arts. Thirteen of the finalists presented at the conference. DispatchLabs, USAngels, VCTaskForce, StarFish, UC Berkeley, OnePiece, and Cisco contributed to training sessions.

The winners were:

Founder World Championship:

Category of awards:

Community Choice Award powered by Reveel: bBock



The Top 20 Startups are listed in alphabetical order (also at

“We are very pleased to have a large diversity of great startups participating.” said Jim Steele, Venture Partner of F50 Ventures and Secretary General of the selection committee.

F50 Partner Kezheng Jia added, “We want to thank 200 community leaders from all over the world who had participated in this event. F50 would like to continue to support them.”

“ would like to support more developers communities”, mentioned by Snake from by PoS creator Sunny King,released technology details of their new consensus SPoS at first day of Founder World

Henry Xue, Vice President of US-China Blockchain Association, added, “We are excited about the synergy from different global communities”


Founder World Championship is a global startup competition, in partnership with over 200 communities worldwide. Founder World is free to all the developers, entrepreneurs, and investors

About Founder World

Founder World is the Silicon Valley Bay Area’s largest, community-based public event dedicated to developers and early-stage founders.

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