The largest community Conference Founder World, has attracted over 2000 blockchain developers, founders, community leaders at the largest community conference hosted by F50, Silicon Valley Entrepreneurs, US-China Blockchain Association, and Blockchain Founder Club at Sep 7-8 at Draper University & Palace of Fine Arts.

The Global Community Leadership Summit (GCLS)  at Sep 7 attracted over 200 communities leaders around the world together with many investors, and select founders. Community leaders from Google Developers, Microsoft, Consensys,  SVE, BFC, CUC, Crypto Weekly, T1000, Thon spoke at the event and shared their solutions about growing community in many different ways. Andy Tang, the Partner for Drap Associate, also the CEO of Draper University spoke at the GCLS, and expressed commitment in supporting the communities.

Many SF local communities participated in the main conference at Sep 8, DispatchLabs, US Angels, VC TaskForce, StarFish, UC Berkeley, OnePiece, and Cisco had produced educational boot camp content for developers or founders at the 5 side tracks of the conference.

Jeffrey Wernick who invested in Airbnb and Uber also bought lots of bitcoin took a very friendly position again the “winter” and chatted with many of the founders and he encouraged the audience to calm down in the winter. Gary Aguirre, former SEC expert, on the other hand, pointed out that the regulation will only get tougher.

DHVC CEO, Dispatch Lab CTO/VP,  Finox, CoinEgg CEO, and partners and executives from Node Capitol, Omega Capital, 8 Decimal Capital, Defy, Oracle, Cisco, Stanford, Berkeley also spoke at the event.

Founder World partner Dispatch Lab is creating a new DLT platform for Dapp developers. CTO Zane and VP of Marketing Darin Kotalik dida #betweentwoferns style chat about the blockchain and many tech issues. Zane Witherspoon also gave a great talk on how Blockchain can help all types of artists.


VEE (Virtual Economy Era, ticker: VVV), a Blockchain project led by legendary Blockchain developer and creator of PoS consensus Sunny King, participated Founder World conference and released a few technical features of SPoS, aka Supernode Proof of Stake. SPoS was designed for high-performance Blockchain infrastructure platform with constant block interval generated to stabilize throughput capacity. It also provided better security with cold minting. SPoS of Virtual Economy Era Mainnet would likely be starting with 15 Supernodes, while the total number of Supernodes could be increased to 30 and 60 potentially, depending on growth. Full version of SPoS technology yellow paper can be found on

At the Founder World Championship Startup Competition, the judging committee selected New York-based Equiti Games as grand winner, and SEAL from China, Yesbit from Canada as the second and third place.

Equiti Games is creating the world’s first open, universal secondary market for digital games, to restore the multi-billion market that has been lost during the transition from physical to digital games. Through blockchain technology and smart contracts, we are restoring true ownership rights and empowering both creators and consumers by revolutionizing the way that digital games and media are purchased, sold, and resold worldwide.

Equiti Games open digital game distribution and the resale network is designed to serve game developers, publishers, and users. Its network and API for the first time creates a true secondary market for digital games through a blockchain-powered licensing network that enables developers to configure their sales and marketing strategies according to the resale value of their product on an open market.


Runner Up, SEAL Chain is a finance public chain focusing on financial assets transactions and is dedicated to achieving the highest security level. Our vision is to build a self-sufficient machine finance system based on blockchain and AI technology. The initial applications are being rolled out in the areas of ABS, inclusive finance, supply chain finance in China and Southeast Asia. We also have a built-in gold standard stable coin to facilitate all transactions in the Seal ecosystem.


Third place winner Yesbit is a decentralized derivative trading platform which has a decentralized data feed that allows users to short/long Forex, Equities, Commodities, and Indices from around the world. Yesbit will use the aforementioned Proof of Data architecture to bring the decentralized data feed onto the network. With this data, Derivatives contracts will be processed on the smartcontract network via Proof of Work, ensuring blocks are mined efficiently and safety.


Best woman founder was awarded to ChanceChain, a social network and trading platform that quantifies an individual’s virtual assets and enables transactions of these assets. By chance, we mean an encounter, both expected and unexpected, that will lead to value creation. Resources in various forms that each person possesses can be a valuable and meaningful chance to the others through transactions. The platform accepts Chance Coins ($CC) and other cryptocurrencies.


Zeehaus won the best presentation. Zeehaus is an equity sharing marketplace that allows people to buy, sell, and invest in real estate at a fractional level as low as 1%. By combing traditional trust ownership with blockchain, Zeehaus is helping to lower the cost of home ownership and open real estate investments to the masses.


Best Use Case went to Frequency Music Foundation. Frequency ‘s vision is to build the largest artists musicians and fans community.  Frequency protocol will enable millions of artists and musicians to tokenize their time and assets for billions of fans to engage and direct transactions between artists and fans.  Frequency is initiated by Spotlite team and over twenty veterans in the global music industry.


Social Chains won the Best Design and Implementation. The social media platform that’s turning the whole social media world on its head. At Social Chains, we take your Privacy to a new level – You own Your data. We will not read your emails, or scan, or analyze or share with others – without your express permission. All our users are verified with their photo IDs, thereby ensuring that everyone on Social Chains is whom they say they are. Also, all users of Social Chains earn tokens and share up to 50% of the company’s profits. Come, Join and become part of the Social Chains movement.


Blockchain Startups Alza, PHILEO, QOBIT, Random Chain,, YottaChain were awarded as Global Blockchain Technology Innovator by the organizer F50. bBuck was selected as Community Choice Award by the audience of Founder World.


Silicon Valley based Alza is a hybrid technology powered infrastructure for high-frequency and micropayment applications with the technical highlights, like high throughput、low latency、low cost. Having processed over 4.5 million smart contracts and $250 million, Beam has proven the benefits of its unique incentivization model at scale. Over 750,000 users and 5,000 bricks and mortar stores ranging from petrol stations and supermarkets to cafes, fashion stores and cinemas already use Beam.


PHILEO means “affectionate regard, friendship” in Greek. Driven by our in-depth understanding of financial inclusion, PHILEO team is devoted to building the first inclusive financial ecosystem on blockchain. With our high-performance financial inclusion oriented blockchain system, PHILEO designs novel dual token system within DAO framework to power a wide spectrum of financial applications including Loan, Asset Management, and Credit. The brains behind PHILEO are a stack of elites including 20-year finance veterans, serial entrepreneurs, and PhDs in Computer Science. Our mission is clear and loud: organizes the world’s financial resource optimally via trust-free blockchain technology, and makes finance universally accessible to everyone. is a social Trading & Investment platform for the cryptocurrency world. Qobit offers a suite of tools allowing members to manage their multiple exchanges accounts and wallet from one single unified platform, and at the same time co-invest with successful traders and fund managers in the crypto space. Our traders and funds managers’ performance is tracked and verified by the Qobit platform and the blockchain, whereas members’ funds are secured in smart contracts, thereby removing counterparty risks.


Hyper Random Chain aims to save the world, 500 trillion numbers at a time. By solving high-security issues of generation key possession, we will apply decentralized networks to internal infrastructures. Allowing users to share sensitive passwords and removing the fear of later access. True random number generation is essential in online gaming, the platform needs not worry of insider manipulation, whilst giving players a true ‘roll of the dice’ experience. The purpose of HRC is to generate unpredictable, unique and truly random numbers, with the stable and continuous output. Current systems can not create random number sequences consistently, by building a TCP Offload Engine, Hyper Random Chain can improve the reliability of stable, random number generation.


Scanta Bringing Emojis to life with Augmented Reality Avatars that are traded on the Blockchain.


YottaChain unlocks the magic of blockchain storage. Both zero-knowledge data encryption and data de-duplication are decisive for blockchain storage, but prior art has to sacrifice one of them. With patented technology, YottaChain exclusively combines both of them, thus redefines blockchain storage by magic business model, opening ecosystem, an economic model with both stability and liquidity and an entirely decentralized governance structure.

The Top 20 Startups are listed in alphabetical order (also at


“We always want to help the best startups,” said Jim Steele, Venture Partner of F50 Ventures and Secretary General of the selection committee.


F50 Partner Kezheng Jia added, “we are very pleased to have over 2,000 people coming to this event given the current crypto market..”


Founder World Championship is a global startup competition, in partnership with over 200 communities worldwide. Founder World is free to all the developers, entrepreneurs, and investors




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  2. […] احتلّت Equiti Games المرتبة الأولى بين جميع المتنافسين، وهي شركة تعمل على إنشاء أول متجر عالمي مفتوح للألعاب الرقمية لاستعادة مليارات الدولارات من الأسواق التي فقدت نتيحة الانتقال من الألعاب المادية إلى الرقمية. […]

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