Mike Xu – CEO / Founder, Grubmarket
Moderator: David Cao, Founder and CEO, F50
Mike is the Founder and CEO of GrubMarket. Mike founded GrubMarket from zero to one from his garage, and built this company from zero revenue to annual revenue of $120 million, within 4 years. Before GrubMarket, Mike is an established software engineering executive (VP of Engineering) in SF Bay Area. He was promoted 8 times in his first 7 years of career. Mike started his career at Oracle as a Software Engineer, and then he worked at eBay as a Senior Software Engineer. Mike held Engineering Manager, Director of Engineering, Vice President of Engineering positions in several medium-sized well-established software companies at San Francisco Bay Area. Mike’s strength is product and technology, people management and team building, optimization of large-scale execution and operations.
Mike holds 2 U.S. patents, studied at University of Wisconsin-Madison, and earned Apple Scholarship in 2003. Mike was accepted by Y Combinator, the world’s best startup incubator, in 2015. Mike raised over $60 million for GrubMarket in Series Seed, Series A, Series B and Series B-1(or called Series C) fundraising.

This fireside chat was delivered at F50’s Global Capital Insider Reception hosted at Oct 3rd at Palo Alto.

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