Top Stories 2018

  • 30+ sessions you shouldn’t miss at Silicon Valley DeepTech Summit 2019™ F50Summit

    F50 today announced the complete agenda for a full day of talks on the future state of DeepTech in Silicon Valley and discuss the latest market trends. 20+ of the most impactful Series A and B DeepTech companies will speak on their engineering innovations.  Featured Attendees  Join the conversation using tag #F50Summit Use code [f50friends] to […]

  • Health Care Industry Spends $30B A Year Pushing Its Wares, From Drugs To Stem Cell Treatment

    Use Our Content This story can be republished for free (details). Hoping to earn its share of the $3.5 trillion health care market, the medical industry is pouring more money than ever into advertising its products — from high-priced prescriptions to do-it-yourself genetic tests and unapproved stem cell treatments. Spending on health care marketing nearly […]

  • 20 Featured Startups to watch in 2019 at F50 Silicon Valley DeepTech Summit

    PALO ALTO, Calif., Jan. 4, 2019 /SVE/ — Silicon Valley DeepTech Summit, the fourth annual event on January 11, 2019 release 20 featured startups in healthtech and deeptech today. […]

  • 2019 tuneup for your brain , a neuroscientist’s tips

    Unlike the effervescent bubbles that stream to the top of champagne flutes on New Year’s Eve, what I call brain bubbles are far from celebratory. These bubbles are metaphorical rather than physical, and they distort the stream of reality processed by our brains. Like a real estate bubble that reflects an inflated perception of home […]

  • Using gene drives to control wild mosquito populations and wipe out malaria

    What is the deadliest animal on earth? It’s a question that brings to mind fearsome lions, tigers, sharks and crocodiles. But the answer is an animal that is no more than 1 centimeter long. A few mosquito species, out of the thousands that populate different environments, are the deadliest animals on earth. Anopheles mosquitoes alone, […]

  • Advanced digital networks look a lot like the human nervous system

    Parents have experienced how newborns grab their finger and hold tight. This almost instantaneous response is one of the sweetest involuntary movements that babies exhibit. The newborn’s nerves sense a touch, process the information and react without having to send a signal to the brain. Though in people this ability fades very early in life, […]

  • Community Happy Holidays Greeting from Silicon Valley Entrepreneurs & Startups

    Happy Holidays!  Wish your holidays are filling with love, joy, and peace! Thanks for all your participation, 2018 is another great year for Silicon Valley Entrepreneurs, and we have achieved never like before in 2018: 2810 new members 10973 RSVP Around 80 meetups were organized Thank you, all the members of the community! To continue our […]

  • #SVEDemo 2019: Launch your product with the largest entrepreneur and developer communities

    Have a great product to launch at 2019? Come to SVEDemo  the largest reach out to entrepreneurs, developers, and investors in Silicon Valley, and beyond. The first SVEDemo will is hosted at Google on Jan 23.Together with community media, and several developer communities, the  2019 #SVEDemo will enhance online components from social media, blog, to youtube, […]

  • Impacting One Billion Lives @ DeepTech Summit™ 2019 #F50Summit

    The DeepTech Summit™ (DTS) is organized by F50 and co-hosted with Community Media,  Silicon Valley Entrepreneurs, and SVDN (Silicon Valley Developer Network). It brings together over 50 tech communities and media partners from all over the world, with the theme of IMPACTING ONE BILLION LIVES. The event reaches over 100,000 corporates and investors, and 200,000 startups worldwide. DTS […]

  • F50 Residence Program 2019 for Entrepreneurs and Investors Calls for HealthTech and DeepTech experts – EIR & IIR

    Connect with a large network of investors & select entrepreneurs before your next venture or expansion? F50 is looking for a few amazing people to join our Residence Program as an Entrepreneur in Residence (EIR) or Investor in Residence (IIR) on a part-time basis, in HealthTech and DeepTech field The main responsibilities will be searching and […]

  • Grubmarket Mike Xu: path to $10B revenue @ Global Capital Insider

    Mike Xu – CEO / Founder, Grubmarket Moderator: David Cao, Founder and CEO, F50 Mike is the Founder and CEO of GrubMarket. Mike founded GrubMarket from zero to one from his garage, and built this company from zero revenue to annual revenue of $120 million, within 4 years. Before GrubMarket, Mike is an established software […]

  • Knightscope unveiled K5, its most advanced physical security platform to date

    Knightscope has just unveiled its most advanced physical security platform to date. The company revealed its 4th generation K5 autonomous security robot and 6th generation Knightscope Security Operations Center (KSOC) at GSX (Global Security Exchange) conference and expo in Las Vegas. The 4th generation K5 robot has been rebuilt from the ground up with a sophisticated new design […]

  • Growing community | Crypto Weekly, Asia Crypto, Crypto Syndicate, Googler Blockchain

    Panel @ Global Community Leadership Summit of Founder World by: Jim Steele F50 Ventures Chris McCann Crypto Weekly Gale Emerson Crypto Musical / Asia Crypto Today Eric Lee Googler Blockchain Community Nick Mancini CryptoSyndicat […]

  • Founder World gathered 2000+ developers, founders, and 200 community leaders, announced Founder World Championship winners

    The largest community Conference Founder World, has attracted over 2000 blockchain developers, founders, community leaders at the largest community conference hosted by F50, Silicon Valley Entrepreneurs, US-China Blockchain Association, and Blockchain Founder Club at Sep 7-8 at Draper University & Palace of Fine Arts. The Global Community Leadership Summit (GCLS)  at Sep 7 attracted over 200 […]

  • Silicon Valley Blockchain Developer Hackathon attracted 350+ developers, including add-ons of training session, and hacker night

    You are invited to join the 350+ people who had registered for this free Blockchain Developer Hackathon starting tomorrow.  With new developer training track and mini hackathon, and a big venue, we can host more people than we had planed five weeks ago. And many of investors from F50 global network would like to see […]

  • New Directions in DeepTech Investment

    What makes deep tech startups different than their digital cousins? What are the new expectations that investors have for startup funding? What do deep tech startups need (besides money)? These questions—and their answers—signal a new direction in deep tech startup funding. More Resources, More Business Savvy, More Collaboration The answers to these questions can be […]