Chicago, IL, Nov. 2, 2020, Dokat, a Chicago based technology startup, launched Indiegogo Campaign for its A.I powered Air Purifiers. Dokat recently won the second place at SVE Demo Global 2020, at global Startup Pitching Competition, organized by SVE, Silicon Valley’s largest startup community. Dokat is a portfolio of Silicon Valley Accelerator F50 Elevate.

Official Indeigogo Campaign

“We make A.I. based Air Purifiers. We have 300 of them deployed in Hospitals around the world. Our vision is to make indoor environments healthier and germ-free. We are a biotech-robotics company based out of Chicago. “, said Ram Chella, CEO of DOKAT,

People think outdoor air is more infectious than indoor air. Actually it’s the other way around. The indoor air can be 15 times more infectious than outdoor air. People acquire airborne infections more in indoors environments than outdoors.

Some airborne pathogens can survive in the air up to 72 hours. Airborne transmission of diseases occur when people inhale the infected air and they get sick. The common airborne diseases in the United States include flu, common cold, Chickenpox, Measles, Mumps, Whooping cough, etc. Not to mention the pathogen that caused today’s pandemic could be airborne.

Existing filter based air purification systems, A/C, HVACs filter pollutants from air but NOT bacteria, virus and other airborne pathogens. 

Dokat.A.I Technology:

Our invention is an A.I. based Air purification systems. Existing UV based air purifiers use a single wavelength to treat air. Different wavelengths of UVC have different germicidal properties. Our A.I. devices treat air with an A.I. wide-spectrum UVC, giving maximum germicidal efficiency. This is a novel invention and is proven to be 30% better in its germ killing efficiency. These are not just claims but are results from accredited and independent laboratories. You can find the results and reports attached to this article. 

Dokat’s current products: 

We already have two devices in the market. One named ‘Dokat Air’ that covers 400 sq ft and the other one called Dokat Pro that covers 1000 sq ft. We are currently researching a few variations of Air purifiers including one with G.I. technology, the next generation of A.I. UV technology and Roomba like Air purification devices. 

Full and detail information on Inedigogo:

Dokat winner presentation at SVE Demo Global:

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