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SVE Startup Talk is a series of events hosting every month with the largest Entrepreneur community (30,000 members): Silicon  Valley Entrepreneurs, and SF Founder’s Club, SVTeahouse, together with couple other partnering organizations with an reaching out of 100K founders & investors directly in Silicon  Valley SF bay area, plus a lot more online. The event will be recorded and the video will be distributed to many different online / offline communities. This is the the largest and most influential startup community event in Silicon Valley / SF bay area, and can  be a great stage to deliver your story to the founders and investors.

In each of this event, a moderator (a local investor, media, or myself) will do a fireside chat interview with you for 30 minutes. You can do an optional 6m presentation (included in the total time). The audience can submit question online but you can select  the questions to answers. You are welcome recommend few questions to the moderator.

We host Startup Tea Talk interviews at a Startup Tea Talk event which will feature 2 amazing speakers like you who are a successful Founders or a great investor, or as a session in our quarterly Founder Bootcamp.

“SVE Startup Talk” is set to inspire hundreds of thousands of founders worldwide.

Watch the recent videos:

Program Assistant / Host needed by Startup Tea Talk:

Startup Tea Talk is looking for a part time person to help the producing and operation of Startup Tea Talk. Engage with amazing investors and founders in the valley!

Startup Tea Talk hosts a series of event every month with a group of communities to help and inspire startups founders.


  • Driving / assisting the event planning
  • Managing and hosting tea talk events per month in SF or south bay


  • Startup Tea Talk
  • Founder Bootcamp (Quarterly)

Location: Palo Alto / Mountain View, SF


  • Great English writing skills
  • Great presentation skills
  • Experience is event host / moderator
  • Experiences with video hosting platforms specially youtube


In each event, we will feature 2 amazing speakers who is a successful Founders or a great investor. “Startup Tea Talk” is set to inspire hundreds of thousands of founders worldwide. There will be around 70-150 attendees onsite (Depends on venue).  The event will have live stream using Youtube Live with reaching out of several hundred thousands of people, and will be hosted by YouTube.

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