Silicon Valley Entrepreneurs Invite you to #5 of From mobile Apps to Startup Event:

Make international App startup likely is far easier than 5 years ago. Let’s take a look at different emerging market opportunities

Build Apps is not enough. Build your company!

5:30PM Networking

6PM Introduction

6:10PM Opening Remark

Kiran Prasad, Director of Engineering Mobile, Linkedin

6:25PM Speakers

Moderator: Vivien Wang, Partner, Deloitte


Barrett Parkma,Vice President, International Marketing and Growth, Great Wall Club

Christopher Griffin, Founder & CEO of Betable

Damien Patton, Founder and CEO at Banjo

Ajay Mishra, Co-Founder and Chief Customer Officer, MobileIron, Inc

Raymond Wei, Co-founder & CEO, Weaver Mobile, Inc.

7:10PM Panel Discussion

8PM Networking

Speaker Bio

Kiran Prasad, Director of Engineering Mobile, Linkedin







Vivien Wang, Partner, International Tax,Deloitte Tax LLP

Vivien Wang has over 12 years of public accounting and international tax experiences, providing tax consulting, compliance and tax accounting assurance services to various high-tech and venture capital clients. Her experience includes structuring and globally managing both U.S. inbound and outbound investments. Vivien assisted in the planning and implementation of the worldwide restructurings, mergers, acquisitions, and IP migrations for multinational clients.

Vivien is also the National Tax Function Leader of Deloitte’s US China Services Group, specializing in China strategy planning for US companies and investment funds.  Vivien travels frequently to Asia and is fluent in Mandarin and Cantonese. She is also a frequent speaker in Atlas, the Council for International Tax Education (CITE), HYSTA, etc.

Selected clients:

Marvell, MPS, Trina Solar, GCL Solar, Spreadtrum, Oplink, VeriSilicon, DCM Venture, Vantage Venture, DFJ Venture,  Fuse Capital, Silicon Valley Bank

Barrett Parkma,Vice President, International Marketing and Growth, Great Wall Club

Barrett Parkman is Vice President of the Great Wall Club where he oversees international growth and business development. In the past 2 years, Barrett and his Chinese business partners have built the Great Wall Club into a global platform for mobile internet leaders and grown their annual event, The Global Mobile Internet Conference into the largest and most elite event of its kind in Asia.

He has become a key connecting point and trusted partner between tech industries of China, the US, and other countries and has worked with companies such as Tencent, Sina, Google, Facebook and LinkedIn. Barrett is passionate about assisting Chinese companies expand into foreign countries, supporting international companies to access China’s market and fostering trusted relationships between industry leaders.







Christopher Griffin, Founder & CEO of Betable

As Betable’s Founder and CEO, Christopher E. Griffin has four years of gambling and gaming experience. Chris drives Betable’s vision, innovation, strategy, product direction and business development. With Betable’s newest product, a platform that gives game developers the ability to legally add real-money gambling to their games, he aims to change both the gaming and gambling industries forever.

Chris began his career as a venture capitalist at VB, LLC, where he created hundreds of millions of dollars of value. He has raised $60M over his career, including $43m for a medical device company in one of the largest Series A rounds in medical device history. He also has served as a business development and financing consultant for multiple companies, and he is on the Board of Advisors for Alphabet Energy.





Damien Patton, Founder and CEO at Banjo

As a four-time entrepreneur, Damien has built his career on making ideas a reality. A powerhouse of energy and innovation, Damien has spent the last several months building Banjo, a social discovery service where people can discover and connect with those around them regardless of where they are, who they know or what social networks (if any) they belong to.

Damien can often be found speaking at conferences on subjects ranging from social media to online accessibility. Damien enjoys leading teams on innovative projects, and has won multiple awards at technology hackfests such as StartUp Weekend and Google Campout. From think-tanks and boardrooms to dirt bikes and race cars, Damien is a risk taker who likes his life challenging and fast paced.





Ajay Mishra, Co-Founder and Chief Customer Officer, MobileIron, Inc.

Before MobileIron, Ajay co-founded enterprise wireless pioneer, Airespace (acquired by Cisco for $450M in 2005). He defined the initial product requirements for the company’s products, working hand-in-hand with 20 teaching customers. Ajay also chaired the WLAN-Mobile Convergence (WMC) task force within the WiFi Alliance and launched two new WMC certifications. Ajay is a frequent speaker on mobile convergence and its implications for the enterprise.

Before Airespace, Ajay ran product management for the Cisco Mobile Office Network (MNET). He integrated the acquisitions of JetCell and Exio, built the products team, and successfully launched the Cisco MNET solution at GSM World Congress in 2001. Ajay started his career as an engineer at Motorola, where he was part of the team that designed the world’s first commercial GSM handset in 1990. He was also instrumental in developing Motorola’s first CDMA handset in 1993.

Ajay has an MS in Computer Science from the University of Southern Mississippi and an MBA from the University of Chicago.

Raymond Wei, Co-founder & CEO, Weaver Mobile, Inc.








Raymond Wei, Co-founder & CEO, Weaver Mobile, Inc.

Raymond is a technology veteran in Silicon Valley. Joining Netscreen Technologies in its early times, he was one of the key contributors to the company’s phenomenal success, going public in less than four years. Raymond served as Director of Advanced Systems when Juniper acquired Netscreen. He later served as CTO and VP Engineering at Topsec Networks, Beijing. After investing and getting deeply involved an internet startup, he developed strong interests in internet technologies serving consumers. In April 2011, he co-founded Weaver Mobile with two former Netscreen colleagues, developing mobile applications.


Weaver Mobile’s first product is WeConnect, a mobile application to facilitate interactions and communications in real-world social events. Specifically serving the scenarios where online social and offline social intertwine, it strives to solve the problem where event goers rely on multiple tools and social platforms for their typical actions on an event, such as, to preview attendee information, exchange contact information, keep notes, and follow up with people.  WeConnect allows event goers to smoothly interact and communicate with other attendees in a seamlessly integrated environment, eliminating the need to go in and out of disparate set of social tools and to synchronize information among them.

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