SFNewTech invites you to their very special Japan Night III event taking place on November 3rd @ Mighty.


If you joined us at Japan Night I or Japan Night II, you know you’re in for some awesome new tech from the land of the rising sun. The revival continues!

Visit http://www.sfnewtech.com to see if you can score a discount (or free!) ticket!

The following 6 startups were chosen by our friends at btrax (out of dozens of entries!) to make the cross-Pacific flight to our stage. Straight from Japan, please welcome:

  • SnapDish: a free iPhone application that allows users to take pictures of food, record the location, price and other meta data, and share via your preferred social networks. http://snapdi.sh
  • Facematch: The best service in Breakthrough Camp 2011 Summer. This is the App where we can meet opposite sex friends on Facebook. The app helps you try to connect with people of similar interests by using the Facebook Friend API.
  • Midokura: a cloud-enabling company developing a technology to replace the conventional physical devices, such as routers, with a virtual entity that can be managed on the web. http://www.midokura.com
  • PIRIKA:  App which help us pick up the trash and clean the environment. http://www.pirika.org/
  • Grow!: a social Patron platform that allows blog readers to submit tips to blog publishers. you can tip the blog author.  http://growbutton.com
  • Joho Planet, Inc.: If you use multiple computers. Synclogue helps you synchronize the configuration of plug-ins for apps you’ve specified in each computer. http://www.synclogue.com

Register @ http://japannight3.eventbrite.com/