GMIC SV is Calling all Apps for a global App Contest:


The global competition for the latest and greatest mobile apps


Want a meeting with executives from top, global Silicon Valley-based mobile companies?


Want to demo your app to 5,000 executives, entrepreneurs, and investors, Developers at GMIC SV?


GMIC SV is calling all app developers around the world who have created fresh, innovative apps and would like to get more exposure to the rest of the global market.

How to join appAttack:

  1. Submit your app below
  2. Within three days, we send you the link to your posted submission on Facebook. Promote your submission on social media to maximize your “likes” or votes. The top-voted app wins a free trip to GMIC SV!*
  3. On September 20, we’ll let you know if you have made the appAttack 100.

* Free trip to GMIC SV is valued at $3,000.


appAttack Top 5 apps receive:

  • Meeting with executives from a top, global Silicon Valley-based mobile company during GMIC SV
  • Demo on the Main Stage in front of thousands of mobile execs, entrepreneurs, investors and devs

appAttack 100 apps receive:

  • Booth in the appLounge allowing you to demo to thousands of attendees
  • 1 Executive pass for GMIC SV
  • Chance at earning a spot in the appAttack Top 5

All appAttack submissions:

  • Earn one Developer pass to GMIC SV ($50.00 value)
  • appAttack 100 apps are highlighted before, during, and after GMIC SV
  • Opportunity to meet with Angel investors in Silicon Valley during GMIC SV
  • Opportunity to meet with Sponsors during GMIC SV
  • Opportunity to meet with new business partners
  • Fabulous prizes, certificates, devices, cash provided by sponsors
  • Chance to demo on the Main Stage of GMIC SV


How will my app be judged?

  • Popularity (Facebook ‘Like’-ing) (30%)*
  • Rating in the marketplace (20%)
  • Evaluation by the appAttack organizing committee and sponsors (50%)

*Within three days after applying for appAttack, we will send you an email with a link to your logo placed in the “GMIC SV appAttack” Facebook photo album. You will have until September 18 to have your community, family and friends ‘Like’ your photo. The number of votes you accumulate accounts for 30% of your total score. If that’s not enough incentive to accumulate massive ‘Likes’, we are giving away a free trip to the Global Mobile Internet Conference – Silicon Valley ($3,000 value) to the app with the most Likes.


What to expect during appAttack 100 at GMIC SV

  • Your company is given a booth to demo your app during the two day conference
  • On October 19, judges will select 20 finalists who will then have a chance to present their app on the appAttack stage to a panel of judges and voters. Five winners will be selected.
  • On October 20, the appAttack Top 5 demo on the GMIC Main Stage in front of mobile executives, entrepreneurs, and investors.


Submission Deadline : September 15, 2012

Submission link: (Using DC as source & Discount Code)



This event is part of Global Mobile Internet Conference:

Global Mobile Internet Conference Silicon Valley