List of candidates for Android Startup Challenge

For official voting information: 

# Company / Team / Entity Name Mobile App Type Fund Request Type Current Founding Summary Company / Product URL One sentence introduction
mShakespeare Multiple Platform Seed No Funding / Bootstrap, Self Immersive 3D Interactive Shakespeare Theatre on Mobile
Loom Multiple Platform Seed No Funding / Bootstrap, Self LoomBAse
Pridemore Apps Android App – Personal Non game Self First app – Workout Tracker
BugSense Tools, Platform Series A Angel Real-time bug tracking for mobile apps
Adgaze Tools, Platform No Funding / Bootstrap is a website dedicated to managing and serving mobile advertisements to the SwimWiz Android application.
Noble Ox Technology L.L.C. Tools, Platform Seed No Funding / Bootstrap
8 Smoopa Android App – Personal Non game Seed Self Earn rewards for shopping smarter.
WordLogic Corporation Android App – Personal Non game Series A Angel Intelligent Input Method for Android and other smartphones
11  Spotvite Android App – Personal Non game Seed No Funding / Bootstrap Marketplace to host and join spontaneous events
12  David Cheney Design Android App – Personal Non game Seed No Funding / Bootstrap Juke! speech driven music player
 20  Base 2 Applications
 21  Nukona  Enterprise App  Series A  Angel  Enterprise Grade Mobile App Management
 23  gmob chat  Android App Non game  Angel No Funding / Bootstrap open chat room

#24 Simply Useful Apps,No Funding / Bootstrap, Tools, Platform

# Introduction
1 mShakespeare – a virtual world Shakespearean Theatre company I bootstrapped and raised support from over a community of over 50,000 around the world – is porting 3d assets from desktop to mobile virtual world. We have a solid 3d engine based in Unity, and also an experimental one based in Unreal. At this point, seed money would really help expedite the process in porting the material from desktop to mobile.
2 A database engine that will shrink a Petabyte 25-dimensional cube to a 3.0GB Cube in less than 20 minutes, a 1:400000 storage reduction ratio. And provides
100% precision on cube queries and is a self-sufficient structure which requires no access to the fact table.Mobile Device Applications, Social Media Analytics, Cloud Meta-Indexing.Sound Interesting?
4 My first app, Workout Tracker, is a no nonsense, no bells and whistles app to track personal workout progress.  Focus is on quality, ease of use and ability to add and edit exercises and documentation to meet personal needs.  The idea is to let the user focus on the workout and not the app, but to provide a simple and easy way to organize and progress through a program at the user’s pace and level of experience.  Future enhancements would include the use of Android capabilities that would make interface with the device “self tracking” with minimal user interaction but provide accurate and detailed tracking and history.
5 If you are a mobile developer, mobile apps crashes has always been a tough problem. You certainly have asked yourself the following questions:
Was WiFi open during that crash?
What locales had been installed by the user?
What was the current SDK version?
How many devices did that error affect?
BugSense gives you the full context so you can start improving your apps asap! Focus on your app not your bugs!
6 is a website dedicated to managing and serving mobile advertisements to the SwimWiz Android is part of the parent company is a very young, self funded company that has developed a mobile advertising platform currently focused on the Android market. is the debut of the Adgaze platform. Contact us to learn more about this extensible platform.
7 Design football plays on your phone or tablet running Android 1.6 and later.   Save, load, simulate, and share plays.  A port to Windows Phone is available, with an open beta available for iOS devices.
8 Smoopa rewards people for shopping smarter. It may seem like just another price comparison app at first glance, but we understand there is value in local pricing information and reward our users accordingly. With the app, we collect real local prices that aren’t available anywhere else and are well positioned to tap into the $1.4 trillion web-influenced retail sales market. The app has been featured in the Android Market and reviewed by Thrillist, Mashable, and All Things Digital. It has been installed on over 50,000 phones and grew by 250% last quarter.I worked at Google for more than 5 years and won the prestigious Google Founders Award for my work on the AdSense team. My co-founder is a fellow MIT alumnus and worked for 5 years at a defense contractor after receiving his Masters from USC. We have known each other for over 10 years and are excited to be working on a startup together.
9 Mike Flom is acting SVP Mobile for WordLogic, a pioneer in  predictive input methods. Predictive input  has become much more important as smartphones have made text input applications like SMS, e-mail, web search, social networking dominant. The trend towards touchscreen only devices has increased the need for a better input method.
11 Spotvite is a free mobile app on Android and the web where users can host and join spontaneous events. Spontaneous events include pick-up sports, art shows, student organization meetings, indie concerts, etc.Spotvite invites strangers, friends, or both to an event based on location and interests, and recommends events near you. It’s like creating an Eventbrite page from your phone in seconds then automatically notifying interested people.Our mission is to make social networking in the real world easy and fun.
12 Juke! is a speech-driven music player for Android. Juke catalogs all the music installed on your Android device and automatically builds a playlist for each artist. Simply tap the Juke! logo and say the name of an artist, album, or track and Juke! will play your selection. No more hunting down the song you want; perfect for hands-free operation!  Juke is also Google voice-action enabled. At Google Voice search, say “listen to [artist/song/album]”.[[ Currently, Juke! is free.  I would like to build a paid-for version that supports music purchase, streaming, album art acquisition, play stats, and social sharing. ]]
 21  Nukona has invented the only separation architecture for Apps in the Enterprise. This allows Enterprise IT to confidently source and distribute Apps throughout the employee population, knowing that they have control  and can maintain their corporate governance and compliance profiles on these apps..  The Nukona architecture provides complete separation of personal and business apps/data; allowing and enabling the BYOD movement.  Corporate Apps can be removed without impacting personal data  All of this is done by Enterprise IT without modifying the App source code.
 23  gmob is a well written open chat app with private messaging features and photo sharing.  very addicting, growing rapidly, profitable.

24:  Simply Useful Apps develops apps in 3 major platforms: Android, iOS and WP7. We have quite a few apps in these markets, and we are currently working on some educational games, and creativity tools. Our latest app is called “Fun Camera for Kids and Teens” which is an interesting drawing tool for the young people. Our goal is to get into education field by introducing intuitive learning objects such as educational games, animated story books, creativity tools, and AR.